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2022 Valley Lighting Festival

Activity Date: 2022-12-01~2023-01-08

The snowflakes are blowing in the wind and the deer are running -

Romantic Christmas is coming

The social media editor received news the 2022 Valley Lighting Festival is about to start.

Hurry up and get packed we’re going to Guguan to enjoy the light bulb installations and hot springs -

The tallest Christmas tree in Taiwan can be found at ”Li Mountain + Guguan.”

Let’s celebrate Christmas at an altitude of 2,011 meters

  • 12/01~01/08 Ambient lighting show: 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • 12/01 (4) Li Mountain Lighting Ceremony Live
  • 12/02 (5) Jesus Hall opened
  • 12/03 (6) Guguan Lighting Ceremony and Music and Dance Performance
  • 12/10 (6) Guguan Music and Dance Performance
  • 01/01 (Sun) Guguan Music and Dance Performance
  • 01/07 (Sunday) Li Mountain Music and Dance Performance

For more event information visit Facebook fan page: Fun Tour at Three Mountains: Shitou Mountain, Li Mountain and Bagua Mountain


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