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I am in Taipei and want to go to a hot spring in Jiaoxi, how do I get there?

Activity Date: 2024-01-26

Take a bus from Taipei City Hall Bus Station to Jiaoxi Bus Station, from where it takes about an hour to reach Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park, which is full of Jimmy rabbits. The nearby “Forest Bath” is a paradise for bathing enthusiasts, with outdoor baths, indoor baths, wooden baths, and baths hidden among the trees. Feel free to choose your favorite. >>>> A day trip to Jiaoxi, let’s experience the family-friendly hot springs!

  • Extra itinerary: [Old Caoling Tunnel - The Spirited Away Tunnel]
    It takes about 10 minutes to ride by bicycle. The tunnel is warm in winter and cool in summer. The railway tracks on the ground and the shade from the oil lamps make visitors feel as if they are riding into a magical world just like in Spirited Away.


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