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Hot Spring Variety

Open-air hot spring:

The ultimate hot spring relaxation is soaking in the hot water while enjoying beautiful natural surroundings. Open-air hot springs offer a sweeping natural landscape in a comfortable and relaxing environment. The sounds of water slowly trickling in the stream and birds chirping compose nature's most relaxing symphony. The natural rocks and stones surrounding the area add to the relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. For those who are tired of being in a spa room, it is worth trying the open-air hot spring, as the experience will melt away your stress and fatigue. Open-air hot springs are generally semi-open-air or outdoor hot springs. Semi-open-air springs are usually located in a hotel. Nude hot springs are not available in every location, therefore, visitors need to check with each hot spring location prior to visiting.

  • Open-air hot spring

Individual Springs:

Individual spring is the preferred choice for city folks because it offers privacy. Some individual springs are refined and exquisite, while others may have different landscapes, scenes and marble bathtubs in a large space with a huge floor-to-ceiling window. The views of lush mountains and streams outside the window transport your mind far from the noisy city. Beitou hot spring is located in the misty, cloud-shrouded mountains with serene sounds of water trickling in nearby streams. Indulging in the tranquil surrounding makes you feel lazy and carefree. Many of the hot spring facilities have a variety of equipment and amenities, and the options are always increasing. There are even special offers that include one overnight stay with breakfast and dinner included. Are you tempted? Why not make plans right now!

  • Individual Springs

Hot Spring Swimming Pool:

Swimming is a whole-body exercise that's also great for stress release. Similar to the tu-na breathing exercise in Qigong, an important part of swimming is breathing, which has a great impact on heart and lung function and increases the flexibility of muscles and joints. For seniors, swimming is a wonderful exercise because it prevents the loss of calcium and minimizes bone injury. For those who swim regularly, it's an added bonus to enjoy the views while maintaining your exercise routine.

  • Hot Spring Swimming Pool
  • Recreation facilities

Hot Spring Hydrotherapy:

There are more and more new hydrotherapy facilities in the hot spring area. Most people are familiar with hydro jet massage therapy, which consists of hydro massage chair, jet massage therapy, rainshower, gooseneck nozzle, duckbill spray head and pool spa massage bed. The water pressure from hydrotherapy targets various parts of the body and provides a relaxing massage. The combination of water pressure and different water quality stimulates various pressure points in the body to restore balance, loosen tight muscles and nerves, and allow the whole body to relax. The water buoyancy allows the body to lighten its load, relax the muscles and joints, and stimulate blood circulation and heart function. The appropriate water temperature also helps with the absorption of oxygen and nutrients, speeds up waste elimination and strenghtens metabolism.

  • Hot Spring Hydrotherapy

Healthy Hot Spring:

Essential oil, herb bag, bath salt, lavender, fresh ginger, mint, rose and vanilla are some of the ingredients that can be added into the hot spring bath. These ingredients make your hot spring experience more enjoyable and relaxing, and also help to restore your energy and health. The various delicious and healthy hot spring meals are also wonderful to enjoy with a few friends.

  • Healthy Hot Spring

Hot Spring in the Wild:

Hot spring in the wild has gained popularity in recent years because the trip is full of surprises. Before leaving for your trip, be sure to do some research so you won't miss some of the beautiful scenery along the way. We recommend going with friends so you can help each other out. Do not plan your trip during typhoon, spring rainy season, dry season (November to March) and days of bad weather. Please note that some locations require a permit and it's necessary to acquire them before your trip! Hot springs in the wild need everyone's help to maintain cleanliness. Please pick up your own garbage and take it back with you. Also, the paths are narrow and you need to pay attention to the cars that share the road with you.

  • Hot Spring in the Wild

Last updated:: 2020-01-15