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Hot Spring Area Intro


The Rueisuei Hot Springs were first developed by the Japanese in 1919 as a public bathing area and resort for entertaining police officers. At that time there were several Japanese-style hot spring inns here. The hot spring industry subsequently developed in the township of Rueisuei itself, especially with the inflow of investment since 2001. Today bathers can choose from a large number of hot spring resorts and spas in Rueisuei.

Special Features

Rueisuei is the biggest hot spring spot in Taiwan. There are two types of springs here: colorless and odorless sodium bicarbonate springs and iron-rich carbonate springs, the latter also known as the "Golden Hot Springs" from the yellowish color of the oxidized iron. All of the springs are located in flat areas that are easy to reach.

Spring Type

Sodium bicarbonate spring
Carbonate spring


Public Transportation

1. Take the Taiwan Railway to Mizuho Station and change to a taxi to arrive.
2. You can reach Hualien Bus 1143.