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This website is designed in conformity with the obstacle-free principles. Speed keys are used in the website to facilitate the browsing of the website.
The exhibit space is divided into five zones:  the main menu zone at the top, the content zone at the center, the menu zone on the left side and right side, the related information zone at the bottom.   

The following keys are set as the Access keys ( or speed keys) of this website.

Alt+U: The upper main menu linking zone in which linking items are provided for contents in different languages and main items to be achieved.
Alt+B: The lower menu linking zone in charge of the linking of “Information Security Policy,” “Privacy Policy,” and “Mailbox.”
Alt+L: Left-sided linking zone in charge of the linking functions of the units.
Alt+R: Right-sided linking zone which is in charge of the “Full-text indexing ” and “Enrolling of traveler’s passport.”
Alt+C: The middle content zone in which contents of all web pages are exhibited.