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2022 Winter Love of Lanyang Hot Spring Season - Water Praying Appreciation Ceremony and Fun Beer Concert

Activity Date: 2022-12-02~2022-12-11

"2022 Winter Love of Lanyang Hot Spring Season - Water Praying Appreciation Ceremony and Fun Beer Concert" starts on December 2nd. Admission is free for a series of exciting events which begin at 4 pm, including street-walking performances and Chinese flash performance, a water praying ceremony, beer and food etc. Thereafter, a seasoned water beauty group will welcome the water god with a dance ritual to kick off the hot spring season. Well-known artists such as Liang Wenyin is also invited to get the audience to participate, with five-star accommodation coupons and other top prizes to give away, inviting everyone to Jiaoxi Happy Night.

This year's Water Praying Appreciation Ceremony is led by Yilan County Government, co-sponsored by Jiaoxi Township Office, Jiaoxi Township Council, Yilan County Tourism Association, Hotel Association of Yilan County, and Yilan County Hot Spring Industry Development Association. The event was initiated and planned by industry volunteers and with more than 100 local industry operators and shops invited will be the biggest ever event at Paoma Historic Trail Park on Deyang Road. Activities include the on-site cultural and creative design and natural stage, which creates a sound and light effect that is different from previous events and impressively boosts the overall atmosphere. The performances were led by Jiaoxi hot spring water beauties who started practicing their dance moves three months before the event. With their swaying dance postures and solemn expressions, they perfectly showcase their respect for the hot springs through the medium of dance.

After the wonderful water praying ceremony, the lively " Fun Beer Concert" starts. This year's theme is combined with the hot spring marathon runner's night event and famous artists such as Starlight Diva Liang Wenyin are invited to enjoy the music and high spirits all night long. In addition to great music, Yilan County Hot Spring Industry Development Association has also planned free “all you can eat and drink” beer, red dew golden chicken soup, old red wine special, braised pork rice, hot spring mochi... and other delicacies, Participants in the "2022 Jiaoxi Hot Spring Marathon" on December 2 or anyone who spends at designated shops in Jiaoxi can claim beer and food for free with their race number or redemption coupons. If visitors are staying in a partner hotel or hostel, they can get beer and food for free with their room cards. At the end of the concert, there will be a lucky draw of five-star hotel accommodation coupons. The number of prizes and their value are the highest ever. Bring your friends to the hot springs in Jiaoxi and take part in the event, listen to music, eat delicious food and drink beer (Please don't drink and drive, and please do not drink underage)