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Hot spring Resorts Overflowing with Sound of Water

It is Hoshino Resorts’ first luxury hot spring resort outside of Japan, fed by Guguan’s plentiful hot springs. Taichung is located at a geographical and cultural convergence, linking the north and south of Taiwan as well as traditional and contemporary sensibilities. Traveling inland takes you to a mountainous region that contradicts the island's tropical image. This is where you will find Guguan, a valley carved out by the Dajia River, which flows from the 3,800-meter-high peak of Xueshan. Hot springs dapple the landscape, heated by the great thermal energy beneath the ground. This is the beating heart of Taiwan. I Located on a plateau, HOSHINOYA Guguan offers a panoramic view of the Guguan townscape and the surrounding Central Range. When you first arrive, you are led through a bamboo forest and into a futuristic reception area that gives you the sensation of having stumbled into another world. But once you walk out onto the premises, you will discover a nature-rich environment congruent with the magnificent scenery while, like the reception area, feeling otherworldly. The sound of water is ever-present, as if one with the breeze; so are the copious hot spring waters that flow through the premises. Enveloping, relaxing, and harmonious, the waters will relieve you of fatigue.



No.16, Wenquan Ln., Sec. 1, Dongguan Rd. Heping Dist., Taichung City 424, Taiwan

Facilities: 50 Rooms (every room has a semi-opened air bath) / Large Public Bath/ Pool/ Spa/ Dining/ Gazebo/ Library Lounge Conference Room

Rate: Starting from NT$ 18,000 room/night(excluding tax, service charge and meals) .

Check-in: 3:00pm / Check-out: 12:00pm



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