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Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area - Guguan Visitor Center (Guguan Museum)

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In the spring of 2021, Guguan Visitor Center was renovated and re-operated as a local miniature museum to receive tourists.

It is expected that tourists can take it as the best sightseeing station and the starting point of charging up the knowledge for the preparation of entering Guguan for exploration and hot springs.

It is designed to know the history, geography, and ecological resources in Guguan step by step along the Central Cross-Island Highway before walking on Solaiy Trail.

The new index and design creation result in a natural guided-tour area and activate the experiential journey with actual sensation for tourists entering Guguan when they walk into the forests, mountains, and springs in Guguan.

B1 Illustration of birds
The birds commonly seen in Guguan are mostly representative bird species at low and intermediate altitudes in Taiwan, including resident birds and the ones that only appear in specific seasons. Due to the location near Dajia River, there are also stream birds here.

The variety of birds in forest provides huge amount of source of food and safe and private habitat. We especially suggest visiting Guguan for bird watching from every winter to spring next year.

The continuous bird chirps from different corners of the mountain reveal that they are free flying everywhere in the mountains and enjoy their life here.

B2 Plant image and device
Through field investigation, the rich natural circle seen in Guguan is displayed in nine chapters. On different altitudes in Guguan, the colors of the forest landscapes are mixed up.

When walking in the mountain, you can see those common plants and foresee the mixed coniferous and broadleaf forests in the high mountain. You can also find the common rhododendron, Taiwan short-leaf pine that grows in rough topography, Taiwan red pine that grows in the flat topography and looks tall, and moss and fern that grow on the ground.

These are the permanent residents in Guguan area. The native species playing shy and the foreign species acting aggressively creates a unique scene in the forest.

In term of the outdoor part, the great shade under the trees provides a good place for chatting, resting or picnicking! There are also activities held irregularly at the square, including singing or dancing performance.

The open-air hot spring feet bathing pool is even one of the highlights in Guguan Visitor Center; different from other visitor centers, visitors can sit by the pool, take off shoes, and enjoy feet bathing here.

One of the pools contains pure hot springs water while the other pool is with fish in the hot springs. When you put your feet into the pool and the feet are touched by fish, you will feel a little itchy. Please be aware that fish will be scared and swim away if you move a lot in the pool!

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