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Lileng Tribe

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Lileng Tribe, in Bo'ai Neighborhood of Heping District, Taichung City, is 10km away from Guguan at 26K of the Central Cross-island Highway. Turn right at the bright red Lileng Bridge, which is a new landmark on the highway, at where Dajia River and Lileng River meets, is Lileng Tribe. Leaning against mountains and facing rivers, the tribe is blessed with comfortable weather all year round. There are no more than 500 residents in Lileng, and they make a living on farming throughout generations. The most common seasonal farm produce are tangerines, oranges, peaches, pears, and plums. Most residents are members of the True Jesus Church.

Lileng is near many tourist attractions, such as Qichongtian Waterfalls which contain seven unique waterfalls, Four Martyrs Taiwan White Pine Hiking Trail, Lileng Forest Trail, Baxianshan Forest Recreation Area, Guguan Recreation area, Tri-mountain National Scenic Area, and more. These places can be easily reached through Central Cross-island Highway. The traffic from Guguan onwards is especially smooth. As of 2007, however, the section between Guguan and Lishan was closed, due to an earthquake.

Lileng has not been inhabited by humans for long. Thus, much primitive nature has been reserved. Lileng boasts a huge variety of plants and animals, including native plants such as Taiwan red pine, Taiwan white pine, narrow-leaved machilus, Taiwan phoebe, and India-charcoal trema, aside from numerous kinds of bugs, birds, frogs and butterflies. Lileng is truly a paradise for nature's observers and photographers.

The creeks of Lileng are rather calm, and parts of the banks are close to earth level. Thus, visitors like to play in water in the summer here. In recent years, hot springs have even been found by the rivers, and business owners have visited Lileng to see if they would build hot spring resorts here. Heping District Office has applied to set up Songhe Lileng Leisure Farming Area, too. In the near future, Lileng is highly likely to become a tourist village.

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