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Jinshan bay hot spring resort

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1. Jinshan District Fishermen''''s Association, said that the submarine undersea hot springs spa and Green Asahi identical and have the Bureau Certification Seal Bay submarine named Jinshan Hot Springs, and later enjoy a submarine hot springs no longer have to Green Island.
2. Jinshan Hot Springs Gulf waters are extremely rare in the world, currently found only a few, in addition to Taiwan Green Asahi undersea hot springs outside Japan and Italy combined positions in each one of Sicily, is a natural rarity of a world-class spa.
3.currently the Executive Yuan Fisheries Department, New Taipei City and Jinshan District Jinshan Fishermen jointly funded Gulf seabed hot springs be promoted. Huanggang fishing with luxurious baths and outdoor type SPA bathing pool, large pool, party barbecue area, egg areas and canteen facilities, visitors can choose. When Taiwan enjoy a unique view of the sea Spa Seaview, can look up a brilliant night sky, listening Haitao Sheng, morning sunrise views of the north coast, like bathing in Hokkaido, so that visitors have a different diastolic pressure and enjoy the world rare undersea hot springs.
4. Jinshan Gulf undersea hot springs, located in Huanggang fishing port, fishing boats are daily, so here now taste the day fishing seafood, fresh and inexpensive. Paowan soup can be a leisurely calmly break, Jinshan Street style gourmet experience or paragliding and boat trip at sea around the north coast, etc. and arrange to board Keelung Island, subject to sea conditions weather, tides to select the time, but also Viewing the amount of personal time and the expected time to arrange the trip.

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