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North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area - Jinshan Visitor Center

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Beside the entrance of Jinshan’s Shitoushan Park, Jinshan Visitor Center is easily found by those going hiking in Shitoushan or visiting the Candle Holder Islets. On weekends and holidays, it is always filled by visitors. The nearby Shitoushan Hiking Trail is good for increasing physical and mental health. The nostalgic Jinbaoli Old Street is the North Coast’s only street of the Qing Dynasty. In the early days, it was the buy-and-sell center farming and fishery products. The historic street gives visitors a chance to learn about Jinshan’s industry and economic developments.

At the conveniently located center, our friendly staff members are ready to provide you with plenty of tourist information. We are the best helper if you want to explore Jinshan. We hope to make your journey much more enjoyable.

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