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Juming Museum

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Born in Tongxiao, Miaoli in 1938, Juming a.k.a. Chu Chuan Tai is an art master in Taiwan. Juming Museum is surrounded by lush forests, ample space and infinite view. Next to Jinshan (Jin Mountain), Juming Museum is the largest outdoor art museum in Taiwan. The spacious museum presents Juming's creative works from 1987 to 1999. Master Juming himself participated in locating, designing and constructing this museum. After being exhibited in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris and Luxembourg, Juming's works have been shipped back to Taiwan and are presented in this outdoor museum. With 50 years of extensive experience from at home and abroad, art master Juming places his creations in Juming Museum, which is a place worth visiting for art lovers.

Painting exhibits include oil paintings, Chinese ink paintings, multimedia works, etc. Sculptures and pottery works are also exhibited in the galleries. Taiji Square is with 3 lawns, Taiji Square is bright in green, with more than 30 pieces of Taiji works exhibited on the lawns. This is actually why the square is named Taij.

Living Presented on the Living World Square, of course, are the Living World art works made mainly of bronze and stone.

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