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Dahu Strawberry Cultural Center

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With more than 500 hectares of strawberry fields, Dahu accounts for about 80% of Taiwan's strawberry industry, measured both by area under cultivation and production. The Miaoli County township has become synonymous with strawberries, earning it a reputation as the "Land of Strawberries." Strawberries are also main economic crop here, with the peak season extending from November to April. The Strawberry Cultural Center was opened in 2004. On the first-floor is an area for exhibiting and selling specialty agricultural products, many made with strawberries. On the second floor is a film viewing room and gift shop. Displays on strawberry ecology are located on the third floor, and a restaurant selling strawberry cuisine occupies the fourth floor. The rooftop garden on the fifth floor commands a bird's eye view of Dahu's pastoral beauty.

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