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2023 Jiufen Miscanthus Micro Universe officially opens its white time and space gate

Activity Date: 2023-11-10

With the support of the Northeastern and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters, Tourism Administration, MOTC, Jiufen continues to hold the Jiufen Cosplay event first launched in 2022. This year, the town again opens the door to the “Autumn Miscanthus Micro Universe” and small tour buses are available to see the Jiufen Miscanthus, inviting passengers to get to better know Jiufen in different ways as they enter the time and space of a snowy world.

Jiufen, located in Ruifang District, has a special topography, with changing scenery of “cherry blossoms in spring, wind in summer, Miscanthus in autumn, and clouds and mists in winter.” Late autumn starts at the end of October, when the weather turns cooler and brings with it a feeling of autumn. Arriving in Jiufen mountain town, the mountain peaks seem to have been wiped by the colored pen of the creator, covering them with boundless whiteness. Take a trip along Jiufen's many trails and visitors can see miscanthus swaying in the wind like waves, the miscanthus spikes on the hillside turned into strings of silvery white. The scenery of miscanthus flying in the wind all over the mountains and valleys and the scenery along the way is rich and varied. The surrounding mountains, undulating and winding mountain roads, coupled with the sea view of the northeast coast, are like charming parts of a fairyland.

On the crisp autumn day of November 9, Lu Renfeng, Chairman of the New Taipei City B&B Association, arranged for officials and VIP guests from all walks of life to come to Jiufen for the official launch of the Miscanthus Micro Universe tour. The guests, including Wu Jianzhi, deputy director of Northeastern and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters, Zhuang Rongzhe, Deputy Director of Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government and Yang Shengmin, Ruifang District Director, boarded a bus for a special Miscanthus tour and were led by a tour guide to the mountain town and admired the Miscanthus along the Shumeiping, Dacukeng, Xiaocukeng, Jingua Outcrop, and Buyan Pavilion Immersed in a snow-white romantic world, the visitors enjoyed the healing mountain and sea views of Ruifang District and experienced the fun of nature through seasonal changes.

  • The event was held from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm every Saturday and Sunday from November 11 to December 24, each trip taking three hours. Journeys include: taking a special Miscanthus bus, and a Miscanthus handmade course. The experience is a wonderful feast for the eyes and also offers visitors a change to take home with them the wisdom of Jiufen residents and their use of Miscanthus.


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