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Let’s keep up the good work! Beitou’s hot-spring feet-bathing pools are still under control due to COVID -19

Activity Date: 2020-05-01

Due to COVID-19, also named as Wuhan pneumonia, measures have been taken by the  Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government at Fuxing Hot Spring Park and Sulfur Valley to keep public hygiene under control. We would like to ask Taipei citizens to abide by all relevant rules in order to keep everyone safe. The city government will continue to make public foot-bath pools safe places for all. 

Opening time: Every hourly from 08:00 to 18:00, Tuesdays to Sundays. With each session, visitors can enjoy 40 minutes of foot spa. 30 minutes after the entrance, a reminder will be made, and the pool will be sterilized.

To register for foot baths, please provide us with your full name, mobile number, and address. Only those who have not travelled recently, have no fevers or coughs, and have not been under quarantine in the past 14 days, will be allowed entrance. All your personal information will be kept confidentially in the park’s administration system. It will be deleted according to our personal data protection policy, once COVID-19 is gone. We makes sure that visitors’ personal data are safe.

Safe distance: There is a one-meter distance between each seat. Visitors must be seated according to their numbers.

Limited entrance: 51 people are allowed for a foot-bath session in Fuxing Park.As to Sulfur Valley, up to 31 people are allowed at once. Please follow the guidance provided by park staff to find your seat.


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