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Enjoy hot springs, flower-watching, and camping in Baolai: pink shower trees are blooming in a hot spring park

Activity Date: 2020-03-18

More than 800 “pink shower trees” are blooming at Baolai Hot Spring Park! Also called “flatland cherry” or “pink cassia,” the trees are symbols of Liugui District and they are expected to keep growing flowers until end of April.

At the park, beside a public hot spring pool, there is a camping area surrounded by the pink shower trees. Visitors are encouraged to immerse in such a wonderful nature by camping at night, or just take a hot spring bath and watch flowers. They may also go hiking along the nearby Old Xitou Tribe Battle Road of Pulai which meanders through a bamboo forest, an acacia forest, and a plum garden. The plant ecology along the road is highly diverse and visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Baolai at mountain top. Again, flower-watching, hot spring baths, and camping are much recommended after hiking.

Come to Baolai Hot Spring Park and take time to enjoy a leisurely spring vacation.


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