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Yangmingshan Jingshan Recreation Area

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Surrounded by Shamao, Qixing, and Datun Mountains, Jinshan Recreation Area is legally established in Yangmingshan National Park. Just 40 minutes by car away from down Taipei, it is equipped with hot spring cabins, a camping zone, some camping cars, and a scenic restaurant. Nature is the inn’s most attractive view. DIY classes for parents and kids, as well as tree-climbing activities, are held outdoors. Watering Holiday Inn is ideal for appreciating nature, such as watching stars and the setting Sun.

The spring water here is cold and contains sulfur, at nearly pH 7 (neutral). The water is therefore good for beautifying purposes - it makes the skin feels smooth. After taking a hot spring baths, visitors are encouraged to enjoy Chinese Jiang Zhe cuisine at the inn’s restaurant or afternoon tea for some peace of mind.

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By car
Chongqing Interchange (Taipei 25) → Chongqing North Road (bound for Shilin, Shipai, Beitou and Danshui) → Turn right to Bailing Bridge → Drive along Zhongzheng Road to Fulin Road → Yangde Boulevard → Turn right at Jinshan Road → Turn left at Lane 101, Jinshan Road → Turn left again at Alley 71, Lane 101 of Jinshan Road → Xinyuan Street (the inn is on your right hand side)
By bus
1. From MRT Jiantang Station, take Bus S15 → Get off at Jinshan Recreation Area
2. From MRT Jiantang Station, take Bus S15 -> GEt off at Juansi Waterfall

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