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Fullon Hotel Fulong

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Enjoy the boundless beach, crystal blue water, scenic landscape and quiet and graceful mountains here. The one and only golden beach and Suangxi River with an abundance of water make here an important water base on the Northeast Coast, and nourishes a colorful atmosphere of ocean vacation.

Create colorful and wonderful memories of having fun with friends, a date, beach wedding, honeymoon, or family vacations. The Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. In the pleasant fall you can pass through the Old Caoling Tunnel or take a trip on the Caoling Historic Trial on bike to relish the silver grass in blossom along the way and the delight in the caress of the west wind. In winter, you can enjoy the Fulong sea-water hot spring, the deep see water that can moisturize your skin. You can also stay in the hot spring guestroom and have a great time in the in-room hot spring.

Stay in Fullon all year round. Play in Fulong all year round.

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