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Chulu Ranch

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Chulu Ranch grows on a slightly acidic sandy hillside at an elevation of 200 to 390 meters above sea level and receives about 1,900mm of rainfall annually. The 70-plus hectare ranch has 45 hectares of pasture and grazing land, making it the biggest hillside pasture in Taiwan. The 350 resident Holstein dairy cows produce about 500 metric tons of milk a year. The pasture also buys milk from a cooperative of seven dairies with 1,100 Holsteins and an annual milk production of about 3,000 metric tons. The milk is processed at the ranch into about 3.5 million kilogram boxes of fresh milk.

In addition to the dairy operations, Chulu Ranch is beautifully landscaped and equipped for visitor recreations and educational pursuits. The pasture serves an ecological and cultural preservation role as well, making it an excellent destination for ecotours in a rustic setting. Visitors can also enjoy horseback rides, take a spin in a horse-drawn carriage, and buy a wide range of locally made dairy products at the ranch store.

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