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Wufengqi Scenic Area

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The Wufengqi Falls are one of the eight great scenic spots of the Lanyang Plains, belonging to Jiaoxi Township in Yilan County. The Wufengqi Falls are named for the five sharp peaks which stand in a row behind the falls, that look like the five triangular banners that usually hang down the back of the war generals costume in Chinese Opera. Fog and mist drift gracefully around the mountaintop year-long, and torrents of mountain springs continuously flow down its slopes, forming the three layers of cascades that are now the Wufengqi Falls. There are three layers to the Falls, and they measure 100 meters from top to bottom. The entrance to the scenic viewpoint is situated near the bottom layer of the Falls, and there is also a barbecue area, and a play area for children to splash in the pools. A viewing pavilion is constructed at the mid-layer of the Falls; there is a vast expanse of vision at this point, and tourists may enjoy viewing the lush mountains, and the cascades shooting out from the precipices. The scene in the eight famous scenic views of Lanyang that is poetically named, mists draping the western peaks refers to the Wufengqi Falls. The Falls are situated in an enclosed valley, which enhances the mystic beauty of the peaks. At dawn, as the sky slowly begins to brighten, musical birdsong can be heard resonating throughout the valley; the unique tranquility in the atmosphere is indescribable.

The Ancient Horse Route: Starting from Jiaoxi and going upwards along the foot of the Wufeongqi peaks, there is an ancient route, called the ancient Horse Route by the locals. Before the Taipei-Yilan Highway was constructed, this route was the only means of reaching Taipei from Jiaoxi. Now, orange and kumquat orchards dot both sides of the route, creating lush scenery and a rustic atmosphere.

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