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Wushe is located in Ren'ai Township in Nantou. The geographic position is in the middle of the Taiwan Island. It is the way you must past when heading to the middle cordillera. It was named because of the mountain overlap, and the mountain mists form mirage.

The cenotaph is standing among the cherry blossom for people to evoke. Since 1960, the center horizontal is opened, the south branch collect the beauty of the veldt and the valley in Wushe parkland. The climate is cool the whole year in Wushe.

There are cherry blossom bloomy within the precinct. It is named as the same level as the red cherry tree in Alishan. Besides the cherry trees, there are peaches, plums, and Li flowers. When coming to the cherry blossom bloomy in January and February every year, the precinct is the best place for watching the beautiful flowers and the famous place for summer time.

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