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Jingming 1st Street

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Jingming 1st Street is the official pedestrian-only street in Taichung. Along the street are boutique shops, coffee shops, restaurants and galleries. There are outdoor concerts or exhibition on holidays. The street combines the functions of shopping, recreation and art. No vehicles are allowed to enter the street and coffee shops provide many outdoor seats. The street was elected the model street in 1995 and it has become a tourist attraction in Taichung.

In the hectic daily life, Jingming 1st Street provides an artistic and recreational space for city dwellers. Sit on an outdoor seat and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. The street presents an atmosphere just like the Champs Elysee in Paris.

Jingming 1st Street is a 100-meter-long pedestrian full of shops and cafes, also known as the "Taichung Commercial Center Pedestrian Area." The street is known for its boutiques, tea and coffee shops, European-style restaurants, and art galleries Taichung residents can relax here over a cup of coffee at outdoor cafe tables. The street also hosts outdoor music and arts performances on weekends and holiday.

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