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Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area

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Aowanda is famous for maples. It is canyon in the west of the convergence of Danan River and Wanda River, which are the origin of Wushe Reservoir. Every autumn, maple leaves in Aowanda turn red and flutter in the air. Aowanda has different faces in different seasons. From February to September, tourists can enjoy the comfortable weather, the forests and the flowers. In May, there are many fireflies shining at night. Autumn and winter are the seasons to appreciate the beautiful maple leaves and plants. Aowanda is perfect for hiking, bird-watching, and contacting the nature.

Aowanda is famous for its beautiful maple leaves. Every autumn, the maple leaves would turn red or orange. With the river running in the woods, the scenery is tranquil and peaceful. Coreopsis has been introduced in recent years, attracting more tourists. Besides the maple trees, Aowanda also provide Aowanda Hot Spring, Wandanan River Hot Spring, and Wandapei River Hot Spring.

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