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Sanxia Qingshui Zushi (Divine Ancestor) Temple

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Qingshui Zushi (Qingshui Master) Temple was built in 1769. The temple was destroyed by an earthquake in 1833 and was rebuilt in 1867. However, during 1895, it was burned down by the Japanese army. After World War II, the restoration was led by the renowned artist Li Mei Shu. The restored temple presents refined carvings and sculptures and it is the work of Taiwanese artists. Qingshui Master is also known as Machang Master or Penglai Master. He was an expert in medicine and a wizard. In memory of Qingshui Master, local people built a temple to worship him. The temple is a city's municipal heritage sites and is one of the three major temples in New Taipei City.

There are five gates in front of Qingshui Master Temple, which symbolizes its honorable and prestigious status. The stone sculptures and carvings in the temple are the works of experienced sculptors. The stone lions at the front gate are so lively and refined. The lions are designed by Mr. Li himself, featuring a more energetic and dynamic style.

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