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Sankeng Old Street

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Sankengzi is a traditional Hakka village with the oldest street in Longtan and the once most prosperous river port. With the completion of a large canal, however, the water level of Dahan River lowered and Sankengzi became less busy. Sankeng Old Street is located in today's Longtan District, Taoyuan City. Yongfu Temple is its center, and it extends till Heibaixi, a laundry place for women in the old days. The nostalgic old street, popular among tourists, is wide on the inside and narrow at the entrance. "David Loman" (movie) and "Love Together" (TV drama) shot a few scenes here, too.

Sankengzi was developed during the years of Kangxi, but it was until 1744 during Emperor Qianlong's reign that ethnic Han immigrants settled down here. The name "Sankengzi" indicates that three creeks converge to be Dahan Xi in this elevated place.

Sankeng Old Street is so crooked that it is hard for vehicles to pass through. In fact, such a design was carried out to keep thieves away. Today, the street still retains many traditional corridors, and there are small shops which sell Hakka specialties such as vegetable buns, grass cakes, sticky rice cakes, and tangerine jam. At the end of the street is Yongfu Temple built in 1791, which worships Emperors Yao, Shun and Yu. Finally, from Yuemei of Daxi to Sankeng Waterfront Green Corridor of Longtan, between Shimen Canal and Sankeng Old Street, visitors can explore historic canals, countryside fields, and the old street at once.

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