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FuYuan Tea Manufactory

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FuYuan Tea Manufactory, located in Longtan, Taoyuan, dates back to more than 90 years ago. The fields and hills, Hakka bamboo hats with floral prints, and workers lowering themselves to pick tea with bamboo baskets in their arms, make an idyllic picture that's worth some appreciation. The founder established FuYuan in 1949 and mass produced tea through machine-based production lines. Today, the old European tea-manufacturing machines are still well in operation. The machines' rumbling sounds seem to tell visitors FuYuan's old-time stories. Visitors are free to join guided tours to learn about how tea is manufactured.
The manufactory also holds a range of thematic experiences such as tea picking, tea shaping, tea panning, and making tea powder. The experienced artisans are ready to explain tea culture and the right way to make tea to visitors. Each step in the process must be carried out with care. The relaxing aroma of tea is a wonderful reward and it takes away pressure in life. FuYuan mainly produces Taiwanese tea, such as green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and "oriental beauty." Since it is located in a Hakka village, visitors can also savor the unique Hakka "sour orange tea" (Chinese tea with orange bits).

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