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Fan Jiang Old Houses

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The famous old houses of the Fan Jiang Family in Xinwu carry a low-profile Hakka sentiment. Each is a three-section compound protected by brick walls in a U shape.

Among them, House No. 9—Fan Jiang Ancestral Hall—is a municipal heritage site. The "Jiaozhi" porcelain decorations on the house's front-door inscription board, "Tao Wei Liu Fang," as well as its incense burner and pottery jar, are precious and old. Its colored walls and wood and brick carvings are also worth some appreciation. House No. 6 on the other hand is known for calligraphy-dossier window decorations, white walls, and front-yard stone carvings, and it exudes a sense of serenity. House No. 3 is the most famous for traditional carvings on its roof ridges and rims, as well as on the two sides of its front door. House No. 2 has a mixed architectural style, featuring white walls, red bricks and "sip-stone" surfaces. Red-bricked House No. 1 has beautiful sparrow-tail roof decorations which reminds visitors of its golden days—Time seems to linger on and on here.

Every year, On April 5 and August 1 in the lunar calendar, a grandiose spring and an autumn rite is respectively held. The old houses, fully manifesting the characteristics of Hakka architecture, are ideal for those seeking a nostalgic experience and some photo shoots.

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