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Fire and Water Spring

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Fire and Water Spring is also known as "Water and Fire Cave." It once ranked as one of the seven scenic spots in Taiwan, and one of the eight scenic spots in Tainan City. It is a well-known tourist attraction in Tainan City.

Fire and Water Spring is located 1 km southeast of Biyun Temple. According to the laws of nature, water and fire are incompatible. However, the geological structure of this place is unique. Natural gas emerges from the cliff walls, and once ignited, the flames burn without dying out. At the same time, spring water gushes out from cracks in the cliff walls, creating the special natural landscape of Fire and Water Spring.

Regarding the legend of the Fire Qilin of Fire and Water Spring, cultural historian Chiu Ruei-Yin said that Pillow Mountain, where Guanziling is located, is also known as Qilin Mountain. Other local names include Qilin Tunnel and Qilinwei Tribe. Legend has it that the site of the Fire and Water Spring is the fire-spitting head of the qilin.

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