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Lanyang Museum

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Yilan itself is a museum
Rich in both natural and cultural resources, the Lanyang Plains are characterized by ecological and ethnic diversity, warm and friendly people, and a vibrant culture. It is said that Yilan itself is a museum and we believe the Lanyang Museum serves as a sort of window to those wishing to learn more about Yilan. The Lanyang Museum's mission is to bring together Yilan's local resources through books and displays as well as tourism and recreation to promote activities of museums throughout the county to ensure the sustained development of "the museum that is Yilan."

At Yilan's cultural and historical epicenter
The Lanyang Museum is located on the site of Wushi (Literally, "black rock") Port which during the Qing Dynasty bristled with the masts of the vessels coming and going. The harbor was not only an artery for the physical materials needed by the people of Yilan, it was an important hub of cultural exchange with the outside world. The Lanyang Museum was erected on this site to symbolize the fact that culture in Yilan is breaking new ground and reaching new heights and milestones.

One with the land
You might be curious as to why our building looks so different. The architecture of the Lanyang Museum was inspired by natural elements found locally. Architect Kris Yao incorporated the cuesta, a gently tilting stone escarpment common to Taiwan's northeast coast, into the building's design, allowing structure to blend into the natural environment. From a distance, it resembles a huge black rock; up close, you discover a place of unique beauty that coexists in harmony with the land.

Permanent displays
Upon entering the Lanyang Plains, you note the blending of mountain and sea. In the museum's exhibition area, therefore, we have set up displays reminiscent of the geographical and spatial characteristics of Yilan. They hint at the local mountains, plains, and ocean and convey the idea of interacting with the environment.

The permanent displays, which take advantage of the building's special characteristics, include the Introductory Exhibition as well as the Mountain Level, Plain Level, Ocean Level, and Time Corridor Exhibitions spread over the building's four floors and suggesting Yilan's overall geographical and cultural context.

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