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Siraya National Scenic Area - Zhongpu Visitor Center

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Zhongpu Visitor Center used to be home to a kindergarten. However, due to decreases in enrolling students, the unused space was later rejuvenated and transformed into a visitor center.

Designed with the theme of a mountain castle, Zhongpu Visitor Center has various cute animal decorations that will catch your eye. There are also a family recreation area and play area indoors so that children can create wonderful memories during the trip.

When it was renovated into a visitor center, the final teachers and students who graduated from the school were invited to record their wonderful memories here with their creative imagination. The wall of hand-printed ceramic tiles made by these children adds much vigor and colors to the Center. Meanwhile, Siraya National Scenic Area provides training to cultivate young tour guides, many of whom graduated from the school. When visiting this place, you might have the chance to listen to their stories here and create a unique travel experience.

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