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Nanhua Reservoir

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Located in the east of Yushan Village in Nanhua Township, the reservoir extends from Beiliu in Nanhua Township toward Jiaxien along the Provincial Highway No.20 (Southern Cross-Island Highway). Built in 1988 and completed in 1994, the water collection area of the reservoir occupies an area of 104 km2, and the capacity of the reservoir is 158.05 million cubic meter. The reservoir chiefly supplies water to the Tainan and Kaohsiung areas. It is both a utility and a tourism spot.


There are many waterfalls and river valley landscapes in Guanshan Village upstream of the reservoir. A cave looking like the Suilian Cave is located inside a huge rock next to the pool by the Yaoqing Waterfall. You can see another side of the reservoir everywhere on the 12km-long lakeside highway along Highway 175 toward Guan Mountin (Rueifeng Elementary School). The ancient Jaobanien Battlefield is located down the dyke of the reservoir. The Nanhua Township Office even built the Military History Park, the Environmental Park and the Waterfront Park there in the name of the Excursion of Origins Recreational Park. Mangos and longans are the major crops in the area, and their quality has earned the word of mouth mention long ago. In spring, countless flowers blossom in the reservoir area, making it gorgeous and incomparable.

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