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Zengwen Reservoir

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The Zengwen Reservoir was built to regulate the flow of the Zengwen River and provide for the full utilization of its water, with the aim of improving and expanding agricultural irrigation in the Tainan area. Besides irrigation, the multipurpose reservoir also serves the functions of electricity generation and tourism. The expanse of water in the reservoir-the largest in Taiwan—adds to the considerable beauty of the surrounding mountains. The parts of the lake that have been opened to the public now offer camping areas, guest cottages, outdoor exercise, and playing in stream waters. The charming scenery here will make you forget to go home when your vacation is over.

As you look over the lake from the high observation platform, the vast expanse of water will draw you to stay your steps and linger awhile. The nearby reference library offers multimedia shows and illustrations to introduce the reservoir's facilities, and provides travel information as well as interpretations of the ecology and environment of this scenic area to make your visit here educational as well as entertaining.

In the area of the Zengwen Reservoir's No. 5 Bridge is an aviary and roadside garden. The aviary contains all sorts of flowers and other plants, and preserves part of the area's original appearance. The luxuriant foliage of the vegetation and the thick shade of the trees make this an enchantingly pleasant place to while away the time. Of course there are all kinds of birds here, with illustrations and introductions to their ecology and their habits. There are also introductions to the scenic area, as well as inexpensive food and beverage services.

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