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Grandorchid hot spring resort

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The inn is located in a mountain valley with rivers passing by. The Japanese Zen-style inn acquired a municipal hot spring certificate in April 2018.

The temperature of the spring water is relatively high at 58℃ and the main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate at pH 7.2.

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*By car
Tainan - Baolai: From Tainan, get off from Xinhua Interchange. Till in Yujing, take Provincial Highway 20 bound for Jiaxian to Baolai.
Taichung - Baolai: From Taichung, take National Highway 3. Till in Yujing, take Provincial Highway 20 bound for Jiaxian to Baolai.
Kaohsiung - Baolai: From Kaohsiung, take National Highway 10 to Qiwei. From there, take Provincial Highway 28 to Liugui. Switch to Provincial Highway 27A first and then Provincial Highway 27 to Laonong. Finally, take Provincial Highway 20 to Baolai.

*Public transport
Take Kaohisung Bus E25 to Liugui Stop. From there, switch to Bus H11 (Liugui-Baolai-Taoyuan) and get off at Baolai Stop.

※On Zhongzheng Road in Baolai, enter Baolai Lane 2 opposite to 7-11. Walk 1.2km along Guanshan Forest Trail to arrive at the destination. (By car, it takes just 4 minutes.)

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