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Go travelling in autumn and winter, and take a Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service bus to “admire the silver grass and enjoy the hot springs”

Activity Date: 2023-10-31

Autumn and winter are coming, the weather is getting cooler~

It is a great time to take a Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service bus to the northeast coast and enjoy the silver grass.

It is also a good time to arrange a hot spring trip.

Heal the body and mind with a visit to a hot spring.


Caoling Historic Trail Silver Grass Season

Caoling Historic Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in northern Taiwan.

Every autumn equinox, the silver grass along the path sways in the wind

Echoing the wild ginger flowers everywhere

The beautiful white flower spikes float all over the mountain

Transportation: Take 856 Golden Fulong Line bus to Fulong Visitor Center


Taiwan's best hot spring - Jiaoxi Hot Spring

Yilan Jiaoxi is one of Taiwan’s most popular hot spring resorts

and won the double championship for a second consecutive year at this year’s Taiwan Golden Hot Spring Awards

The area provides a selection of hot springs, hot spring houses and accommodation

It is an excellent choice for families and couples alike.

Transportation: Take a Green 19 bus, the Yilan Northeast Coast Line to Jiaoxi bus station

(This year, the Northeast Coast Headquarters has launched 10 excellent Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus packages, all of which include unlimited one-day bus rides on the “Yilan Northeast Coast Line.” If passengers who purchase packages to go to the area have enough time, it is a great idea to plan a trip to “admire silver grass and enjoy hot springs” to relax the body, mind and soul.)


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