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The 2022-2023 Taiwan Golden Hot Spring Awards are here

Activity Date: 2023-01-16

Good luck in the new year, the Taiwan Golden Hot Spring Awards will soon give out awards worth more than NT$100,000 as part of efforts to promote hot spring areas around the country, with the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, organizing a series of related events every year. The Awards, which caused a hot spring craze at the end of last year, will hold a ceremony at Sun Moon Lake Yunpin Hot Spring Hotel today (1/13). In addition to inviting the chairmen of 19 hot spring area associations from around Taiwan, Lin Peijun, Chief Secretary of the Tourism Bureau, was the guest of honor and expressed thanks to the hot spring area associations and operators for their hard work over the past year.

In order to ensure the overall selection was more in line with public opinion, the Golden Hot Spring Awards this year also asked the public to play the role of judge, by selecting the best hot spring areas online, while also preparing a number of wonderful gifts to give back. The lucky prizewinners will be drawn under the supervision of senior officials and professional lawyers at the awards ceremony.

This year's event offers a variety of awards. In addition to the most popular iPhone 14 pro smartphone, it also provides accommodation coupons at more than 40 locally renowned domestic hot spring resort hotels such as Hotel Royal, Chihben or Onsen Papawaqa, as well as hot spring coupons and home aromatherapy diffusers. In addition, in order to expand public participation, the lottery ceremony will also be broadcast live on Taiwan Hot Spring official Facebook page, and the list of winners be posted both there and on the official website. Send your friends information on the winner’s list as soon as it is announced. When the biggest prize the iPhone14 pro was drawn, Lin Peijun was asked to call the lucky winner in person to make the event more fun, with several of the prizewinners overwhelmed by their luck.