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2022 Taipei Hot Springs Hot Spring Xinbeitou Camping Wild Tour

Activity Date: 2022-10-27~2022-10-31

This year's hot spring season in Taipei has the theme "New Hot Springs, Wild Tours" and showcases Beitou's breakthrough in tourism awareness. Through AR and other peripheral planning, the event will promote technological travel, enabling the public to experience different travel modes, while also conveying the idea that technology makes travel more convenient and deeper. This year's event, as in the past, is replete with exciting content: The Beitou and Asia-Pacific Hot Spring Joint Exhibition, a lively exhibition of cultural and creative souvenirs and gourmet feasts, the always popular Witch's Adventure Stamp Collecting Lucky Draw, and the new Geothermal Valley VR experience. Together these encourage visitors to have fun while being healthy. Of course, public welfare activities are once again an integral element, including: blood donations, charity sales, park cleaning and mammogram exams, combined with such exciting stage activities as: Minghwua Yuan performances, local art performances, Nagashi singing night and wild concerts with high-quality singers and bands hired using the event’s impressive budget. Visitors are welcome to take a group tour of Beitou on five consecutive days starting 10/27, where they can enjoy hot springs, eat delicious food, watch performances and experience the cultural journey of Beitou hot springs.

Lin Chihyu, chairman of the Taipei Hot Spring Development Association, said that Beitou Hot Spring Hotel and local residents, in conjunction with Taipei City Government, are promoting "Beitou Hot Spring•Museum without Walls.” This uses local attractions and historical sites with many years of cultural and historical heritage to breathe new life into Beibei, so more friends from afar can experience the museum without walls and freely travel between scenic spots imbued with culture, feeling first hand that the museum is nearby and life brimming with knowledge. Taiwan Commercial District and Industrial Tourism Development Confederation president Chou Shuimei also encourages visitors to take the Beitou walking tour and dedicated Beitou bus tour during the holidays, as well as drop by the must-see "Geothermal Valley.” Professional teachers will lead the way and ensure participants learn more about Beitou. Take a leisurely stroll along trails around the valley and it is like being in a fairyland, one where everyone can be completely relaxed and comfortable. Come and enjoy the wonderful feeling of the hot springs.

In addition, from October 27th to December 30th, merchants around Xinbeitou will launch a series of coupons for tourists. These can be download from hot spring season promotional leaflets, brochures (available on site or at MRT stations) or download the app to get electronic coupons.

Want to know more about Taipei hot spring season?

Please check out Xinbeitou Hot Springs and "Taipei Hot Spring Development Association."