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Hot Spring Area Intro


The Sichong River Hot Springs were known in earlier times as "Chutang," or "emerging hot water," since they gushed from the ground. In the mid 1800s, the Cing official Shen Pao-chen led a military expedition to this area, fording four streams to get there. The river was therefore renamed as "Sichong," or "four layers." In 1895, the Japanese army built a small spring bath here, marking the start of Sichong's hot spring industry.

Special Features

The Sichong River Hot Spring are fed by alkaline sodium bicarbonate springs with a high concentration of sodium carbonate. The spring water is clear and suitable for drinking and bathing. It is also highly effective in improving blood circulation, relaxing stiff muscles and relieving stress.

Spring Type

Sodium bicarbonate spring


Public Transportation

Taiwan Motor Transport Co.: From Kaohsiung take the Hengchun or Kenting National Park bus line to Checheng Station. Then take the Mudan-bound bus from Hengchun to Sichong River.

Hengchun Old Town and Hot Springs (half-day tour)