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Hot Spring Area Intro


The Shamaoshan Hot Spring area has a long history as an important sulfur mining area which dates back to the Japanese occupation era. Today, there are still many visible remnants of the sulfur mining industry. The area is rich in white and green sulfur resources, as well as cold and naturally heated springs for visitors to choose from all year round. Through the successful efforts of determined business owners, this old fashion town has improved substantially to meet mainstream hospitality industry standards, and is now providing a hot spring culture that meets the needs of those seeking a natural and healthy lifestyle.
Along the mountain road are various exquisitely-designed and well-managed resort restaurants, each with its unique style and design. At night, the air throughout the Shamaoshan Hot Spring is filled with the unique sulfur fragrance. The night lights and far away lush green forest and valleys set an elegant and charming background, making this an ideal place to experience the hot spring, delicious cuisine, mind and body rejuvenation and scenic delights.
Nearby the Shamaoshan Hot Spring area are the Beitou Leisure Farms, citrus garden, Yangmingshan in the northeast side, and Huagang in the southeast side. There are different varieties of apples and flowers all year round. At night, the neon lights decorate the forest and trails, making this a fun and exciting place to enjoy the hot spring, blossoming flowers, tea sampling and gourmet dining.

Special Features

The hot spring in Shamaoshan is an acid sulfur spring with a temperature between 55-80 degrees Celsius. Along Xingyi Road in the Shamaoshan hot spring area is the famous Huangxi on the eastern side of the road. This area is rich in geothermal resources and is an active volcanic area. The acidic sulfur spring temperature is between 56-80 degrees Celsius. The frequent steams that emerge from the surface of the valley are a unique and popular sight.

Spring Type

White sulfur spring
Green sulfur spring
Sulfur spring


Public Transportation

1. MRT Zhishan Station →Bus 508 or 536→Xingyi Road Station
2. MRT Shilin Station →Bus 612→Xingyi Road Station
3. MRT Shipai Station →Bus 535→Xingyi Road Station

Yangmingshan National Park and Hot Springs (half-day tour)

Taiwan Tour Bus

MRT Beitou Station > Beitou Hot Springs Museum (Beitou Park) > Sulphur Valley⇔Yangming Park > Grass Mountain Chateau > Yangmingshan Bus Transfer Station > Yangmingshan National Park (The second parking lot) > Zhongxing Guesthouse > Zhuzihu