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Hot Spring Area Intro


The Antong Hot Springs are located on the north bank of the Antong River at the border of Yuli Township and Fuli Township in Hualien County. This area is renowned for its natural beauty, earning it a place as one of Hualien's top-eight scenic spots. The springs were discovered in 1904 by a Japanese lumberman attracted here by the camphor forests. In 1930, the Japanese developed this area with the construction of public baths and a resort for entertaining police officers, starting the steady rise of the hot spring industry. In 1974, the baths were acqu.

Special Features

The Antong Hot Springs are fed by slightly alkaline chloride sulfate water with a slight odor of hydrogen sulfide. The springs emerge at a temperature of 66 degrees centigrade from sources along a 200~300-meter stretch of the Antong River. In addition to the various hot spring spas here, bathers can also soak in open air springs along the river.

Spring Type

Sulfate chloride spring
Alkaline carbonate spring


Public Transportation

1. Take the Taiwan Railway to Yuli Station and change to a taxi to arrive.
2. Take Dingdong Bus 8181 to arrive.