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Hot Spring Area Intro


Nestled in the foothills of Basianshan in Heping Township, Taichung County, Guguan is one of Taiwan's eight scenic wonders. The hot springs in Guguan were discovered in 1907. The carbonic acid spring water is slightly alkaline (pH 7.6), potable and reaches 60 degrees centigrade at the source. The main mineral contents of the water are chloride (27 ppm) and organic protein. The water is murky white and smooth to the touch. The springs here were originally known as the Meiji Hot Springs since they were discovered during the Meiji period.

Special Features

Due to their sulfide content, the springs of Guguan give off a pungent smell. The water is clear, potable, mild and suitable for bathing, with an average temperature of 48 degrees centigrade. Hydrotherapy facilities, Japanese garden style spas, and riverside spas are among the many bathing options available at Guguan.

Spring Type

Sodium bicarbonate spring
Alkaline carbonate spring


Public Transportation

It can be reached by Fengyuan Passenger Transport 153 and 207.

Taiwan Tour Bus

Hakka Winery and Guguan Tour (one-day tour)