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Su'ao Cold Springs

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The Su'ao cold springs have a temperature of less than 22°C and the water from these springs are clear, colorless and emit no smell. This rare type of cold springs is only found at a few places around the world, among which Italy, and is suitable for bathing and consumption. The cold spring area of Su'ao can be found at the northern side of Su'ao village, some 300 meters from the Su'ao train station around Zhongyuan road and Lengquan road. As the water temperature of the cold springs is lower than our body temperature, you will first feel cold when immersing into the water, however, after having soaked for some 5 minutes, your body will start to warm up. As the water of these cold springs contains high levels of carbon dioxide, it can also be used for food and beverages, such as goat-meat stew and glass-bead soda. The latter is not produced anymore, but goat-meat stew is still a specialty of the Su'ao area.

Su'ao is situated at the southern end of Yilan County, where it occupies a long, narrow strip of land backed by mountains and facing the sea. The fine natural harbor here was expanded and upgraded into an international harbor in 1974. In addition to its harbor, which is one of the five largest in Taiwan, Su'ao is also known for its rare cold mineral springs and its lively Nanfang'ao Fishing Harbor.

The water from Su'ao's mineral springs emerges from the ground at a temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius. This cool, clear, odorless, naturally carbonated water can be used for drinking and bathing as well.

To get to the springs, walk about 300 meters from the Su'ao Railway Station to Lengquan (Cold Spring) Road. When you first lower you body into one of the pools you will feel exhilarated by the shock of coolness, but after five minutes or so you will feel warm all over. Besides bathing and drinking, this water is also used in the production of Su'ao's famous jelly cake; in earlier times, it was used to produce naturally carbonated soda as well.

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