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• Guanziling is a vast land situated among hills and mountains and surrounded by lush greenery. The region’s water originates from the Baishuixi (White Water Creek) in Neiwan and travels to the hot spring valley. Through the earth’s geothermal processes, the water temperature rises and results in Guanziling’s unique hot spring resource. There is an ancient legend about Guanziling which tells of a fire dragon and a water tiger having a dispute and fighting until both were wounded. In the end, the fire dragon became fire and the water tiger became a creek. As a result, the hot spring was formed.

Special Features

Guanziling Hot Spring is one of the top four hot springs in Taiwan, along with Beitou, Yangmingshan, and Sichongxi Hot Springs. As the only mud spring in Taiwan, the alkaline carbonate sulfur mud is dense and has a slippery feel. The temperature stays around 75 degrees Celsius and is only suitable for soaking, not eating.
The Water and Fire Spring, also known as “Water and Fire Cave”, is located on the southeast side of Biyun Temple. It is one of Taiwan’s seven natural wonders, and so popular that it’s one of Tainan County’s eight scenic attractions and the most popular tourist attraction. According to the natural order of things, water and fire are incompatible. Yet, the region’s special geological formation causes natural gas to emerge between cracks in the cliffs, and when lit, the flame never extinguishes. At the same time, the spring water pours out of these same cracks, creating a natural scene of “water within fire, and fire within water”.

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Public Transportation

(1) Chiayi Bus Company in Chiayi and Sinying Bus Company in Xinying both have direct service to Guanziling. They run on average every 30-60 minutes.
(2) From Baihe or Xinying take the Sinying Bus to Nanliao. Get off at Daxian Temple, Biyun Temple, and Water and Fire Spring.