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2017 - 2018 A Series of Events of Best Hot Spring in Taiwan - Top 10 Good Hot Spring Election Start!Date.: 2017-10-31

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Vote for best hot spring and win IPhoneX in the lucky draw activity!

Along with arrival of the peak season of spring spa in autumn and winter, the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communication (hereinafter referred tp as TB) will hold a series of events of "2017-2018 Good Hot Spring in Taiwan" involving all hot spring areas in the north, south, middle and east of Taiwan and the Top 10 Good Hot Spring Election which allows you to vote for the best hot springs and have the opportunity to win iPhoneX in the lucky draw! It is expected a spring spa craze will be stirred up all around Taiwan.
Taiwan is an island with a variety of great hot springs. There are more than 100 hot springs all around Taiwan and each spring area has its unique characteristics. For example, Ulai Hot Spring is the only aboriginal township in New Taipei City. As a sodium bicarbonate spring, it is a specific spring with skin care function. In addition, Ulai Hot Spring also has a beautiful landscape that can bring tourists a visual feast. Guguan Hot Spring in the middle of Taiwan is an alkalescent carbonated spring and located at the foot of Baxianshan Mountain with pleasant scenery. Guanzihling Hot Spring in the south of Taiwan is the only one mud spring in Taiwan and one of three mud springs in the world, attracting many tourists to enjoy the black hot spring. Rueisuei Hot Spring in the east of Taiwan is famous for its fresh milk and ferriferous bicarbonate spring, which also is called as "Gold Hot Spring". Especially the beauty Hot Spring of Jhihben has a history of more than 100 years.
TB mentioned, considering there were so many excellent hot springs with pleasant sceneries and delicacies around in Taiwan; the event of Top 10 Good Hot Spring Election was held in order to promote spring resources in Taiwan to domestic and foreign tourists and encourage them to enjoy the springs of different properties and beautiful views and delicacies around the springs. So the event might facilitate the tourists to arrange a wonderful hot spring tour for themselves.
With regard to the online Top 10 Good Hot Spring Election, people only need to log on the website of Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival of 2017-2018 Good Hot Spring in Taiwan with their Facebook accounts for the vote.
Furthermore the organizer will hold 3 lucky draw activities with the top prize of 1 iPhone and other multiple prizes during the period from 1st November, 2017 to 10th January, 2018 so as to encourage the people to participate in the events actively.
For more details of the events, you may look up for the official website of 2017-2018 Good Hot Spring in Taiwan.