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Guanziling Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival: New Hot Spring Life for Hot Spring Sightseeing Industry Throughout Taiwan (Press Release)Date.: 2017-09-29

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Autumn is the best season to enjoy the most comfortable hot spring. The cross-year hot spring festival "2017-2018 Good Hot Spring in Taiwan" run by the Tourism Bureau MOTC is officially launched on September 28, 2017. The launching ceremony this year is held at Guanziling Hot Spring where tourists from everywhere gather. In addition to inviting Deputy Minister CHENG, SHU-HUI of Tourism Bureau MOTC, Speaker LAI, MEI-HUI of Tainan City Council, Director General WANG, SHI-SI of Tourism of Bureau of Tainan City Government, and Board Director LI, JI-TIAN of Hot Spring Tourism Association Taiwan, Board Directors and Officers from Hot Spring Tourism Associations of 14 districts throughout Taiwan are also invited on site. Taiwan sightseeing spokesperson "OH BEAR" has also arrived on site which causes an instant sensation among the general public and everyone await for what's exciting coming up next.
Deputy Minister CHENG, SHU-HUI of Tourism Bureau MOTC and Board Director LI, JI-TIAN of Hot Spring Tourism Association Taiwan also take on a role as blessing messenger to initiate the "mud totem blessing ceremony" by using the hot spring mud indigenously produced in Guanziling. Legend has it that those who spread the hot spring mud on their forehead, nose, cheek, and jaw will enjoy a great fortune including an intellectual enrichment, financial prosperity, good friendship, and great fortune. Be it peak season or offseason, we wish that all hot spring business will earn a profit and all hot spring tourists will enjoy an improved health in Taiwan.
In the stereotypical image of local people, hot spring is a leisure activity that can be enjoyed only in autumn and winter seasons. For them, hot spring is an enjoyment rather than a regular habit that is carried out in everyday living. In contrast to foreign countries where soaking in hot spring is considered as a regimen habit that can be carried out 4 seasons around the year, domestic hot spring market has a distinctive peak season and offseason. We hope to promote hot spring sightseeing locally and make it a daily habit for local residents in Taiwan.
Hot spring launching ceremony takes "new hot spring life" as a core value which further extends to a unique domestic concept of "A hot spring a day keeps the doctor away". Officers and honored guests are also invited to hit the drums to warm up the atmosphere on site. It also symbolizes a conceptual transition between "hot spring as an enjoyment" to "hot spring as a daily habit". Board Directors from Hot Spring Tourism Associations of 14 districts throughout Taiwan also put on their refined colorful Japanese cotton robes. By putting up their shorts and a pair of flip-flop, the Board Directors also hold an eye-catching traditional colorful umbrella to present a playful and free-at-ease image. All these are done to convey a concept that hot spring can be enjoyed as a daily habit without intentional planning. Whenever you feel like soaking in a hot spring, just go for it.
In 2017, Good Hot Spring Series of Taiwan is run in the northern part and the southern part of Taiwan, with the former location featuring promotional campaigns in Beitou, Wulai, and Jinshan while the later location featuring promotional campaigns in Guanziling, Baolai, and Sihchong River. By integrating promotional campaigns at different hot spring areas, customer consumption stimulation is carried out for the autumn and winter seasons while early promotional campaign is carried out for spring and summer seasons. So that the tourists who enjoy hot spring during the peak seasons are able to receive discount offers at an early stage. Tourism Bureau MOTC also reveals that Wulai Hot Spring Township has been heavily stricken by Typhoon Soudelor in 2015. The torrential rain and heavy flood transformed Wulai Hot Spring Township into an isolated island at a time. Today, Wulai Hot Spring Township is restored to its original status and Wulai Scenic Train which caters to both adult and children alike also put on a brand new adorable design. The launching ceremony of Wulai Scenic Train will be initiated in the northern part of Taiwan in December of this year. We hope that all tourists will return to this small hot spring township to restore the local sightseeing economy.