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Content Description Guanziling Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival: Fire Lord’s Pilgrimage Around Centenarian Spring TownshipDate.: 2017-09-26

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Under the joint announcement from Acting Mayor Li, Meng-yan of Tainan City Government, Director General Wang, Shi-Si of Tourism of Bureau of Tainan City Government, Speaker Lai, Mei-hui of Tainan City Council, Legislator Zhang, Shi-xian of Tainan City Council, District Director Tan, Nai-Cheng of Baihe District, Board Director Fu, Guoliang of Tainan Hot Spring Tourism Association,
Borough Chief Yang, He-nan of Guanling Village, "2017 Guanziling Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival" event kicks off today (23). A 5 meter-high “Lord of Flame” modeling lanterns is followed by a large crowd of tourists worn in Japanese cotton robes and traditional Japanese garments to bring out the local festival atmosphere. By following the guardian of Guanziling - “Lord of Flame”, a grand pilgrimage is launched to deliver the joyful and happy festival atmosphere to every alley and corner of the centenarian spring township. Under the grand momentum, tourists on site start a festival dance designed exclusively in the worship of the guardian of Guanziling - "Lord of Flame". Under the grand festivity, the tourists are able to understand the beauty and the elegance of the centenarian spring township. "2017 Guanziling Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival" gather the general public from all around the island to visit this small township and enjoy the most comfortable hot spring at a time where summer ends and autumn begins.
Acting Mayor Li, Meng-yan of Tainan City Government welcomes the honored guests and the activity spokespersons "Maple" and "Spring" on site. Guanziling Hot Spring is the only mud hot spring rich in minerals in Taiwan, and one of the three mud hot springs in the world. In the Japanese Colonial Period, Guanziling Hot Spring is also known as the spiritual spring. It has a unique status both domestically and aboard. Through the “2017 Guanziling Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival”, we hope that this place is better known to the world and more popular among the general public. Thank to the Tourism of Bureau’s hard effort, the tourist population has been on the rise over the year. To better suite younger generation’s taste, Fire Lord’s Pilgrimage and Japanese Cultural Festival are combined to make Guanziling an ideal place for both the senior generation and younger generation to enjoy their holidays. We are here to wish the festival a success and everyone a joyful holiday.

For more information, please visit the official website at http://guanziling.com. tw/ or Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government at http://www.twtainan.net/. Service line is also made available at 06-6353226 on the working days.